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Connect Whatsapp with your CRM."

In addition to writing and sending messages directly from Bitrix24 to any WhatsApp number, thanks to this connector, you can create automated messages based on your workflow, build a new customer support channel, introduce your products and services to your customers, and much more!

Wazzup24 : le connecteur WhatsApp avec votre CRM

Why Wazzup24

Ensure you have the best communication by using the Wazzup24 solution to broadcast your company's messages, improve customer engagement rates, and build a lasting customer relationship


Send images, videos, files, GIFs, and more to expedite your operations


Share your real-time locations to enhance your delivery services


Quickly send contact coordinates to facilitate connections with the right person at the right time


Deliver documents instantly for a fast review and approval

"Key benefits of WhatsApp:"

Integrate WhatsApp as a powerful tool for communication, marketing, and sales into your Bitrix24 account and leverage the use of this effective channel. Discover the key advantages of this indispensable tool.


Increase sales conversion
by over 50%


Automatically store the history of interactions in Bitrix24


Send messages in an automated and personalized manner

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